Micropreneurship Programme

A Micropreneur is an entrepreneur who starts a small type of business that will, likely, remain small, at least in terms of number of employees/ infrastructures, etc. Typically, this type of business is built around a skill, passion or hobby, and the entrepreneur is seeking a way to monetise that whilst retaining the flexibility around their lifestyle.

Online presence is important to them because typically such businesses are anchored around the personal brand of the entrepreneur, and therefore social media and online marketing tools are important for building that brand. This requires them to leverage technology platforms to launch and profile their business.

This course will help budding micropreneurs turn their vague ideas into viable lifestyle businesses. Successful micropreneurs will be those that are creative in “monetising” their skills, hobbies, and / or passions, as well as using the various types of resources at their disposal. The programme will also empower them with tools to harness their networks and reach their target markets.

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