Entrepreneurship Programme

Our programme is designed to transform your vague business idea into something that investors will want to put money into. We will equip you with tools on how to be a successful leader and manager of your business by building systems and processes.

If you do this, you can lay the foundation of a business that can quickly grow beyond your dreams.

Here are the seven modules we have designed just for you. Let’s have a look at each one in more detail.

First, we will look at “Where do I start?”, which is the initial stage where you are trying to assess if your business idea is worth pursuing.

We will start to develop the idea together, step by step

After that, in the third Module, we want to work on the products or services that you are going to provide. Our programme is practical and hands-on, so as we go along, I expect you to actually build your business. if you work with me, we can build a complete business module by the time we are done.

When we work on your products or services, we want to understand how they are different from similar products on the market already.

  • How much will it cost to sell your product?
  • Is there a market for it – that is, will it be easy to get customers?
  • They say the easiest products to sell are those that solve problems or fill a need.
  • In addition – will you be able to sell the product profitably?

We will shine the spotlight on the customer.

We want to discard theory and be as real as possible, and that means bringing the customer to life. So, before you go ahead and spend a lot of time and money on your business idea, can you say “yes” to the following.

  • Are there are real customers out there for your product?
  • Will your product solve real-world problems or meet real-world needs?

To answer that question, you will need to dig very deep, and we will do that together.

After that, in Module 5, we want to look at the external things that will affect your business, also known as your “business environment”.

These are things beyond your control, although being out of your control doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about them.

It just means you must develop strategies to deal with or work around them.

In Module 6, we will build your A-Team together.

You are the leader of your business and that is the most important role, but you will need to build a strong team around you. If you don’t lead, for whatever reason, it will show.

You MUST lead. Take stock of your own strengths, and those of the people around you, so that you can see what important skills are missing. Some of your “Team Members” will be internal, but others will be external people that you must bring close. Since they are bringing in critical skills, you need to find ways to make them fit into the team like a glove.

We will end off, In Module 7, by looking at all things to do with Money or, as some might call it, Finance, Moolah, Dosh, or Capital.

Most people find this topic either challenging or boring. However, if you are serious about your business, you will need to be on top of your numbers more than anyone else.

You might outsource the accounting to an expert, but ultimately it is your business and therefore you need to know the ins and outs of it, especially the financial parts. We will equip you to keep your financial performance at your fingertips.

That is our journey in the next 7 sessions! I am excited to begin it and I hope you are too! So – buckle up for the ride of your life!

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